Sunflare Digital Technology has 4 key successful modules in our approach 

Analysis – Whether you are setting up a new business or transitioning to our support model, Sunflare Digital Technology will start by assessing your business and its technology needs.
•We identify exactly what you need.
•We work with you to create a budget that delivers your Full-Service Technology Solution.

Plan – We develop a defined, detailed plan for supporting your company or institution.
•We will design your infrastructure.
•We handle all IT related Project Management issues.
•We develop a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan or assist your current IT staff.
•We assist with price negotiations and vendor management.

Execution – Once we have worked with you to iron out a plan, we proceed diligently, expeditiously and precisely.
•Infrastructure/Office Build
•Network Build
•Offsite Hosting/On-site Hosting

Support – Once we have effectively executed our plan for your full-service technology solution, we then become your ongoing service and support team or assist your current IT staff.
•Technology Direction
•Network Administration
•Desktop Support
•Network Monitoring

Some of the Benefits of utilizing Sunflare Digital Technology’s Complete Technology Services include: Significantly reduced over head, Improved Staff Performance, Total Efficiency and Peace of Mind